How Kindle Support can resolve battery related issues!



Amazon launched an astounding tablet-like device on 19 November 2007 known as “Kindle”. This is an e-reader book, which means from Kindle you can read or download a plethora of books, magazines, and newspaper via the internet.

What only you need is good internet speed. Being an electronic device it is equipped with hardware and software functions, so it is obvious it will show some kind of technical errors. In order to fix that issue, the user can take help from Kindle Technical support team.

If you are a Kindle user and facing battery-related problem such as your Kindle is unable to charge properly, then you are the right place. In this blog, we will explain some common software and hardware related issues with your battery and their troubleshooting ways. If you still have issues, they get Kindle support help.


Software issues on your battery

  • Showing Error Message “Battery Too Low to Power On”

    The main cause of getting this message is either you are using Kindle most frequently or lack of use. To get rid of such problem, Power Off the device’s button and plug it into charger immediately. Use once it will get fully charged.

  • Screen get stuck while charging

    Have you ever faced that your Kindle is stuck while charging and showing a blank screen? If yes, then either restart your device or plug out and in the charger.

Hardware issues on your battery

  • An adapter is creating a problem

    Always use an adapter which is suited best for your Kindle. Or try to buy this from If you want to buy an adaptor from other site then, make sure it provides relevant details such as Kindle device must take an input of 5.25V-Max500mA.

  • Issue on charging cable

    Ensure that the charging cable you use for Kindle supports it better. If the cable is little loose with the USB then it is good to either repair the cable or buy a new one.