Refund Policy

When you take our services, this support service is covered by our 10 days money-back guarantee. If you do not get a satisfactory technical and customer service from Kindle support team or your device is still not working accordingly, you can ask for a refund. We take pride to deliver high-quality service and have thousands of happy customers, and our support team is simply the best. This is the reason we can afford to refund your money with this special guarantee. It makes us better from the yesterday. To request a refund, you have to contact our helpline center within 10 days and with your service details. Do not forget to provide your service support number and tell us a valid reason- why you are requesting a refund. Your feedback is very imperative to us; it helps us to improve day-by-day. We will not refund for a service when you hired a technician to visit your home.

We will accept the refund request for these reasons:

  • After completing the service, if you are not given the authorized access to kindle/ documents/ learning management system, you can request for a refund.
  • The due date is over and you will still not get the service from our side.
  • Your kindle is performing well; still get errors or technical issues like internet connectivity problem, freezing of screen, error messages, etc. In this case, you can ask a refund.
  • A refund request can only be approved if you have a proper or valid reason for this. The customer who has an issue with our service, he/she must write an email with a proper reason.
  • You will have the money back if there is something missed from our side.
  • Without discussing refund issues, the request cannot be processed further.

Customer’s satisfaction is our main motto. We ensure to provide quality service within given time frame. The refund request can only proceed if you proof the above reasons. You will be answered within a couple of time.