Things You Need To Do When Your Kindle Not Working



Amazon offers a wide range of Kindle device including Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HD, etc. to enhance the readers’ experience. From children’s fiction & mystery to classic literacy fiction & fantasy, you will get every genre of famous books of all time. Unlike previous time, now, the people can efficiently take their entire book of the library with them in all over the world as Kindle is light-weighted, portable tablet-like device. But have you ever thought, what will happen if your device stop working? Maybe the first thing you can do is, try to fix it on its own or you will take help from Kindle support team.

However, taking a proper guidance from an expert is definitely a good decision. Still, you must aware of how to fix those issues by which you’re Kindle not working well. In this blog, we will discuss the ways through which you can resolve such issue.

Fully charge your Kindle battery Generally, all types kindle issues occurred due to the low battery. If you think so that your kindle is not working properly just because of the same issue, then it is advised to charge your battery till it produces the green light. However, Amazon recommends remaining your kindle on charging mode for 3 minutes, but you can take further action.

Update your Kindle with Newer Version The optimum way to reduce the occurrence of Kindle issues is by updating its software to the newer version. If you do not know whether your device needs has the latest software, then you can check on the official site of and then further go to Kindle software updates. From there you will get the latest version then check the version of your device if it does not match updates it.

Reset your Kindle Device If you’re Kindle not working, a reboot process may short out the coming issues. For this, you have to press the button for 20 seconds and wait till it reopens. This process will assuredly reduce the issue.

By following the above steps will definitely resolve the encountered issue. But, by doing all these, if still, you will face error then the last option you have is to take Kindle help from their support team.